PitchWars Mentee Bio 2015

Howdy! Thanks for checking out my bio. If you’re a regular and are wondering what the heck this is, check out PitchWars, a writing contest started by the very talented Brenda Drake.

If you’re a mentor stopping by, thank you!  I really appreciate that you’re taking the time to do this and that you’re considering working with me.  I read each of your bios and thought:


and you immediately went on my list.

If no one picks me – no worries.  After spending the last year trying to learn everything I could about the process of querying a manuscript and the publishing world itself I understand that it’s subjective and I’m thankful you can take the time to read my chapter.  If have the time to comment on it as well – bonus!


What I write:

Contemporary Adult Romance. I am an HEA kind of girl, but I’m also a fan of realistic fiction so I like to create characters that could actually exist and give them a world that’s as rich and real as I can make it.  I want to make the reader feel like they’re right there and give a happy sigh on the last page.

Happy sigh


My writing philosophy:

I write mostly about what I have experience with or can research well enough to do it justice. What I don’t do is tell someone else’s story and I think there’s a profound difference. The most life-changing experience I had while reading was when I read The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.  I still call that novel the ‘best book I never want to read again’ because I fell into the world he created and it was not a good place. That book opened my eyes and changed me permanently.

We need authors of diverse backgrounds to get published because we need to hear the all the stories.



What it’s like working with me:

I’ve survived both working in  and managing  a call center with my sense of humor intact.  It’s my current mission in my day job (I’m on the culture steering committee – yes that’s a thing) to cheer my co-workers the F up because their previous management seems to have sucked the joy out of their souls.


When it comes to the execution of my job I am an utter hard-ass, but in a nice way.  I will call a staff member on their error, but  without making them feel like they are dirt beneath my heel. I’ve had managers like that and they suck.  Totally.

bad manager

I like to be honest and real even when it’s hard and I love it when the folks I work with give me the same.  I will show up with my professional panties on.


Random stuff about me:

I am a Mouse Junkie, if I could do to Disney World every year I totally would. Of course I’d also be broke. Don’t ever mention you’re planning a trip there unless you want me to  begin down-loading my advice. I treat each trip like a military campaign and typically plan a year in advance so when I get there I can just let loose.  The main reason I love it, it’s the only vacation that shuts your brain off.  Sitting on a beach (I know because I do this a lot) does not empty your head as effectively as one day in the Magic Kingdom.


I embrace all the classic fandoms; Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Dr. Who,  LOTR.  And some new ones, Sherlock, Marvel, Supernatural, but no GOT.  Barely made it through the first book. Yikes.  For the record Peter Davidson was my Doctor and Jeremy Brett was my Sherlock, but I love how both  adapt so well to new treatments.  Doyle was perfectly happy to let people have their way with his character so I watch Elementary too.

The Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes

I got married in a castle.  No, for real. Hammond Castle in Magnolia.  Got to check it out.


Okay, that’s all I can think of.  To see all the other lovely bios, you can hit this link to reach Christopher Keelty’s Pimp My Bio Post.  Thank you Christopher!

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