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The Sweet River Redemption Series:


Katherine Grant takes the job at Sweet River Christian Academy hoping a small town in the wilderness of Maine will be a vacation from her high-powered career and a break from the emotional toll of the secrets she has buried deep. With the school director on a power trip and evidence of shady dealings, there’s nothing relaxing about it. Maybe it would be easier if she wasn’t so distracted by Captain MacAlister, the local cop she can’t get along with, yet can’t get out of her head. She didn’t trek up to the middle of nowhere to lose her heart. Mac doesn’t need the kind of trouble he believes Katherine will bring. He’s got enough to deal with from poachers to drug crime. Mac has rules to maintain his faith, like avoiding the pull of an attractive woman who doesn’t fit his life. But when he meets Katherine, he’s drawn in by her intelligence and strength, despite getting burned by her quick temper. When near tragedy strikes, Katherine reveals her feelings, and Mac doesn’t hesitate to respond. If only their scars, both seen and unseen, didn’t threaten to tear them apart. Two wary hearts must soften and two steel wills bend if they have any hope of making it down the broken trail to love.

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Finalist in the 2017 ACFW Carol Award for Contemporary Fiction

ACFW Carol Award Finalist

At The Crossroad
Erin Sullivan has had to endure the rumor mill of Sweet River, Maine grinding through her family’s scandals for years. Being a single mom and the subject of small-town misinformation and judgment had taught her not to hope for good things. No matter how strong her feelings were for Pastor Dan Connors, she planned to keep them buried for the sake of his reputation and the good of her own heart.

Dan had become pastor of the Calvary Church thinking it would be temporary, that his mother would recover from her stroke, and he’d be back in the mission field in a matter of months. Three years later he is struggling in a job he never wanted, waiting for direction from God, and questioning his calling.

When Erin sees that Dan is alone in his struggle, she reaches out to help, and he comes to rely on her quiet strength and kindness. Erin tells herself it’s only friendship, but it quickly becomes more. Now, she has to reckon with a man in the midst of a spiritual storm. As his turmoil takes its toll on them, it may be more than her heart can take. Dan is determined to find his way, but it may have to be without the woman he’s come to love.

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Redemption Road

Cover Pending

The Redemption Road (Work in Process)

A year ago Annie Caldwell drove into Sweet River, Maine and fell in love. The town was everything she was hoping for in her quest to restart her life. Now with a successful coffee shop/bookstore and a part-time job as a librarian at the local school, she has everything she was hoping for, almost. Shy by nature and an introvert to boot, she’s had trouble making friends. One friend, in particular, she’d like to make is Alex Moretti, the district game warden. Alex is tall and handsome, but it’s not his looks that draw her. No, she can see he’s a kindred spirit and something else, haunted.  Annie wants to know his story more than she wants just about anything, but Alex is a closed book.

Alex joined the wardens hoping to find some peace in the woods. Instead, he’s found that the demons dogging him made the move too. He decided long ago that there was no way to redeem his past, he just has to endure it. The one place he finds solace is in the company of Annie, shy, quiet, lovely Annie. He knows he can’t have a relationship with her, not a real one, not with his past. Instead, he settles for showing up at her shop at the crack of dawn every morning, sitting in the quiet with her nearby. The few times she speaks to him, suggesting a book or even discussing the weather, are the highlight of his day. Since that’s all he can have, he’s taking it. It’s peace enough.

But that peace does not last. Someone is leaving mysterious warnings at Alex’s house, his truck, and alarmingly, with Annie. He’s not sure if it’s an old enemy or some new threat and he doesn’t know why they’re targeting Annie. Instead of listening to him and laying low, Annie seems willing to put her life on the line to help him. Alex has to find a way to fight his demons and this new threat or it may be Annie that pays the price.

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Summer's Sweet

Summer’s Sweet Embrace – Short Story Anthology

August, 2015

The Beach Rose:

Annie Thomas can’t believe her good luck when she inherits the family’s beach house in Oceanside, Maine.  It’s one of the few places she was truly happy so she sells everything she owns, quits her job, and moves in hoping that her new business, The Beach Rose, will bring in enough money to let her live up there year round.  But on her first day, things aren’t as easy or as simple as she’d hoped.  To cap it off she discovers that her best new client is actually the boy she had a huge teenage crush on.  So much for rekindling a summer romance.

For Craig, Annie was everything he wanted when he was a geeky seventeen-year-old.  Now that he’s pushing forty and the owner of half the real estate in town, he wants another shot at convincing her that he’s everything she needs.  He didn’t count on her owning the business he just signed a contract with though.  Craig has to find a way to help Annie’s struggling business without her knowing it since anything else would push her further away and that’s the last thing he wants.  Together they may get a second chance for a summer romance.

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