Terms & Conditions

Since I am not a lawyer, we’ll keep it simple.


1.  You are (thank you) reading the content of this blog of your own free will and this content is for entertainment and enlightenment purposes only.  Read at your own risk.  I make no guarantees about this information other than it may amuse you.

2. I am the legal copyright holder of all the written material on this blog unless otherwise stated.  You may not reprint or publish it without my written consent.  So no stealing.

3.  Unless the comment is from me, I am not responsible for its content.  I reserve the right to remove any comment for any reason I see fit (but seriously only if you’re a troll and/or nasty.  Be nice y’all)

4. I will not sell any information gathered from you to any third party for anything.  I am not responsible for the advertising content on this blog nor for the privacy practices of advertisers on this blog.  Same goes for the commenters.

5. I reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at will.

6. I am not responsible for the actions of any advertiser you happen to click through to on this blog or any commenter you interact with on this blog.  If they do something you do not like, take it up with them.

7.  I will not share any privately transmitted communication to me without your consent. I don’t gather your data. I track hits using this platform’s statistics which are anonymous.


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2 thoughts on “Terms & Conditions

  1. Carole Lynne says:

    I just finished reading a fabulous freebie, The Broken Trail. What a joy! Nice to have a Christian fiction romance with a complex story line and characters, as well as a number of well developed supporting characters. Reading about mature characters with baggage, serious failings and believable past circumstances who are seeking redemption and forgiveness was refreshing. Loved Katherine’s personality and dialog. I laughed out loud several time. Mac was 42 and I found him incredibly attractive although I agreed with Katherine that he could be terribly annoying with his off-putting remarks. Well Done! I’ve downloaded book 2 of the series and just read synopsis of book 3. Please write more! I honestly was disappointed not to find a vast treasure trove of Christa MacDonald books waiting for me at amazon. I shall happily post this as a review at Amazon as well. Happy Writing!!

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