Language Most Foul: Profanity vs Vulgarity

True confession? I swear. Sometimes a lot. Usually in my car when no one is around, but sometimes at my husband.  Sad, but true.  It's also true that profanity and vulgarity are like the toxic twins of modern speech. They are everywhere and pretty well tolerated in most situations and definitely in most entertainment. Take … Continue reading Language Most Foul: Profanity vs Vulgarity

8 Query Tips No One Tells Writers

Great Advice for New Authors on Querying.

Carly Watters, Literary Agent

typing fadeoutThere is a bounty of query letter writing advice on the web. I’ve written about it before too: The Biggest Query Letter Mistake, and How To Format Your Query.

However, here are some tips you might not have heard yet that will set your querying strategy apart from the rest.

Querying in 2015? Read 8 Query Tips No One Tells Writers:

1. There are no second chances. Send a query letter with an agent’s name misspelled and resend 5 minutes later? You might already be written off. We get so many queries that we’re always looking for reasons to say no (even though we’re looking for gems!). Sometimes there are easy no’s.

2. If you say you’ve been published we assume that means traditional. And if you don’t share the publisher, year, and maybe some sales information we’ll assume you’re pulling our leg.

3. Telling agents you’ve self published…

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2015 – Goals for the New Year: Like real ones, not the fake ones you tell people, but never do.

I am not one for resolutions, but I do like goals.  This year I wanted to set a few realistic ones so I sat down after the 1st and thought about what I'd really like to accomplish.   Here we go. 1. Put full effort into querying The Strongest Chain (formerly the Davies).  I've been … Continue reading 2015 – Goals for the New Year: Like real ones, not the fake ones you tell people, but never do.