Book News: At The Crossroad

After many delays, and more drama than I can possibly get into here, I have finally finished Book two in the Sweet River Redemption series. Praise be to Jesus, since it wasn’t me that got it done. I struggled with every last word in this one, my friends. Book two is hard. I had heard it before, but I had no idea until I sat my behind in the chair and tried to pull it off.

First of all, the 1st draft was due last December and I blew right past that deadline. I blame this on Trump. I was consumed by the election drama. Please note, that I was not a fan of either candidate. In fact, I was longing to vote for someone sensible like Marco Rubio or Kasich. When October arrived and it was Trump? Trump? Good glory. Donald Trump. What on earth had this man done to deserve the highest office of the land? Nothing. He wasn’t a particularly good businessman. He had the reputation of being a debtor and a cheat. He used the court system to cheat small businesses out of of the money they were due. He was a consummate salesman not a statesman. How was this possible? A braggart, posing, crude liar as president? Oh, heck no.

The alternative was a competent person, but oh the baggage. I was no more likely to vote for another Clinton than another Bush. But against Trump I would have voted for a cabbage. So, as you can imagine, I was glued to the drama, hoping for the best, fearing the worst. I knew Trump could win even when my progressive friends told me he didn’t stand a chance. When he did win, I felt like decency and democracy had died. No joke. I’m not a Democrat, not a liberal, but Trump getting the votes of Evangelicals and white women who should know better? It just killed me. I questioned everything.

Out of that shock was born a new determination to do what I can for those who might be targeted by this poser’s administration. And I will do my best. What didn’t come out of this was a desire to finish my book. My publisher has been about as patient as one could be. Finally this month I can say I am done with the book, the content edit, the copy edit, and it now sits in ones and zeros in my publisher’s inbox. I am trying not to angst over whether or not they like it. It’s not the book it would have been had Trump not been elected. It’s different. Wiser maybe? I don’t know.

Here’s the mood board I created:


Pic of At The Crossroads April Moodboard

Evocative, no? I hope it is. The title is taken from the journey of one of the main characters, but it could as easily apply to me. I received notice a week ago that my position has been eliminated and after 19 years, I will be leaving my current employer.  I don’t have any hard feelings. The current company bought my old one and the guys that sold it bought my original company before that. I am about as legacy as a Dell laptop still running Windows NT. The product line I managed is dying a slow death with the rise of desktop video conference platforms. Instead of mourning it, I celebrate the ever-changing landscape of communications and the inevitable change present in a capitalist market.  I’m not going to hang onto my pick and shovel and curse the rise of wind power. Not me.

Change is something I enjoy. This past weekend I waltzed into the salon and had the stylist cut a foot off my hair because it was time. Spring is a good time for change, it’s a good time for self-examination, and it’s a grand time to start over. I am looking forward to little green shoots of all sorts; in my garden, in my career, and hopefully in our government. If there is one thing the rise of Trump the unqualified and the undeserving does, I hope it spurs more to join government so it is truly by the people once again.

Happy Spring Peeps! More Book News Ahead!

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