‘The Overselling Of Self-Publishing’: New Perspective

Enlightening post on the rush to self-publish. By Porter Anderson

Thought Catalog

iStockphoto / InnaFelkeriStockphoto / InnaFelker

‘A Serious Epidemic Of Impatience’

Here in New York City where BookExpo America (BEA) is holding the focus of many in the traditional publishing establishment, a friend and I were finishing lunch at Café Luxembourg when the waiter approached.

“I overheard you guys talking about publishing,” he said. “I wondered if you could give me any advice about self-publishing versus the regular way. What I really want to know is can I just go ahead and self-publish first?”

This question is so prevalent among writers, that another great friend and colleague, Jane Friedman, this week has addressed it.

Jane Friedman Jane Friedman

Her write-up is How To Secure A Traditional Book Deal By Self-Publishing at Writer Unboxed. She’s a regular contributor at the site, as am I. She’ll also be speaking at BEA’s International Digital Publishing Forum’s Digital Book 2015 Conference Thursday, having kindly agreed to moderate, at my request, a…

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