Writing the Author Bio – A bit excruciating isn’t it?

Today’s lunch hour task was to write an author bio. It’s the last thing I need to complete the query I have ready to send an agent.  Finding an agent I thought was a good match proved easier than anticipated.  Finishing this dang query is another matter.  I was moving along nicely until I crashed face-first into the brick wall that is the author bio.

Seriously, does anyone who’s not a narcissist enjoy writing these things? I’ve read numerous blogs, books, and articles amassing tips that seem obvious – ‘don’t lie’ to tips that seem a wee bit esoteric  ‘spin a web of magic’. Um…. no.

How do I write this thing to appeal to an agent, be thoroughly true, sell myself as an author, but not bore them with personal details? Without writing creds (outside two pieces in a college magazine ages ago) it’s kind of a tough sell.

So here’s my draft. Sound off in the comments with any advice.  Have you written a bio and if so, did you have an easier time of it?  What am I doing wrong?


Author Bio Draft

While attending college in Massachusetts eventually earning a BA in English and Sociology, Christa MacDonald fell in love with nearby Cape Ann and dumped her plans of moving out West with the rest of the cool kids. After a series of jobs doing everything from counseling adults with developmental challenges to writing magazine abstracts she ended up in the corporate world as an operations manager. Ten years and three babies later she decided it was time to try and capture in book form the down to earth, yet quirky people who live along this stretch of New England coastline.  The Davies of Coventry is the first of a series set in Cape Ann and is Christa’s first novel.

2 thoughts on “Writing the Author Bio – A bit excruciating isn’t it?

  1. 2unpublishedgirls says:

    Hi, Christa! Author bios is on my Please-Anything-But-This hate list along with synopses, loglines, and queries. 😉

    Your bio is good. I might suggest to leave off the past employment information unless working at those places, gaining that knowledge, helped you write your book.

    Good luck! Congrats on your first book.


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