November, three years ago I decided on a whim to try to write a novel in thirty days.  I joined and after about ten false starts, I stopped hating everything I wrote.  Instead of deleting a thousand words at a time, I was writing two thousand per sitting.  Miraculously I finished on time and just a few words over the goal.  I haven’t stopped writing since.  Well,  I work full-time and have three kids so in my spare time I haven’t stopped.  But now I’ve got to actually publish these beasties.  I have to risk rejection and ridicule by taking my figurative little children out of the playroom and into the world  all scrubbed up in their Sunday best.

I created this blog to both document my attempt to become a published author and to hold me accountable to putting my all into the effort.  Writing seems like the easy part.  Publishing scares the bejabbers out of me.  I assume if I force myself to do this publicly I’ll try harder.  Failure is absolutely an option, but failing to attempt it is not.

With that I officially launch this blog.  May I not ignore it for months on end and fritter away my time on Facebook reading boring status updates or on Pinterest staring at recipes for food I will never make.

🙂 Christa


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