SC MacDonald Copy & Editing

If you are in need of writing services or if you’re just interested in connecting with me professionally, please feel free to reach out.

My husband, Stephen MacDonald, is the editing half of our partnership. He has a keen eye for punctuation and an ear for grammar. I’m the copy/content half of our partnership and can provide audience-specific content for any format.

Here’s a sample of our rates:

  • Line editing: $30-50/hour depending on the project
  • Proofreading: $25/hour
  • Developmental editing: $30-$40/hour depending on the project
  • First 50 Evaluation: $50. A special service for newbie fiction authors. Give us your first 50 pages along with a one-page synopsis (the who, what, where of the novel) and we’ll let you know if you’re on track
  • Copywriting: $5-$50/hour depending on the project
  • Content: Priced per project