Updated for 2017:

Hi, thanks for reading the site and coming to say a virtual ‘hello’ by reading this page. I’m a wife, a mom, an author, and until recently I was working full time as well. How do I balance all of that? I’m very fortunate to have a supportive husband, an at-home job, and my kids are older now (8-15). Could I have done this when they were babies? Heck no. As it is there are things I have to let slide, like housework.


Full disclosure: I am a Jesus-loving, Bible-reading, hymn-singing, Christian. In the Christian community there is a tendency to further define ourselves by distinct labels – Evangelical, Baptist, Reformed, Egalitarian, etc. But this girl does not play that game. I’m a Christian and that’s the only label I’m willing to attach to myself. I used to clarify my beliefs to others by adding Evangelical, but I’m a bit dismayed at the Evangelical community lately so I can’t sign on without adding more modifiers, Orthodox Evangelical is not a thing, but that’s probably close to what I’d use.

Maybe it’s easier to say what I am not. I am not a cultural christian. For me, that’s an important distinction because there’s a lot of hate out there wearing a christian label and I feel that those of us who truly believe must speak out, hold each other accountable, and represent our true faith.  It’s an uncompromising one, but it’s also a loving one. We should be the church, apart, drawing the lost out of the current culture and into the arms of Christ. We’ve done an incredibly poor job of it lately. There’s work to be done.

Politically I’m a Theodore Roosevelt Republican which means I’m a pretty much an orphan. There is no longer a party that aligns with his views or represents mine.


I’m a graduate of Gordon College where I earned a BA in English and Sociology. I’ve been an editorial assistant for a publishing company, a research assistant for a biotech firm, a program coordinator for a human-services agency, an administrative assistant for a finance department, and a bunch of other things. I made the choice a few years ago to stay right on that mid-manager rung of the corporate ladder. I wanted to balance my natural tendencies to WIN ALL THE BATTLES and my natural desire to be a mother to my kids and a wife to my husband. I still rock it on the regular, but I’m not feeling the need to conquer the world via my day job. It was an emptier pursuit than I expected. (That’s my personal experience, not a prescription for anyone else.)

And in case you’re looking to hire, I’m shifting focus and hunting for a new gig in the non-profit world. Why not write full time? Hahahahahahaha.  Hang on. I have to catch my breath… Yeah, It doesn’t pay well until you hit big and even then you’re only as well-off as your last book. The Rowling and King level of the industry is incredibly small.

Although I’ve spent most of my life in New England, I have traveled widely enough to know that the United States is not just coastal elites and fly-over states. I wish our media and leaders understood that as well. In my writing I try to depict the world as true to life as possible. I think the key to understanding each other is to listen to each other’s stories. I am grateful to be one of the story-tellers.

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